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Class Members

We are looking for everyone that did or would have graduated with HNHS class of 1988.   We want to invite anyone who fits into this group.  We grew up together and we don't want to miss the chance to see one and other.

Update your information with a form on the Class members page.  Check out the list of names of all of the people in our database and see if you can help up find them.  We would like to find as many as possible.

Who Can Join?

Anyone that went thru school with us and would have or should have graduated with us.  No matter whether you moved away or chose a different path.  We would like to find you and invite you to the 20th reunion in 2008.

Benefits of Joining

You will get the opportunity to visit with old friends and maybe make some new ones, the second time around in life.

Contact: Neil Warner -